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the number one thing people love to do on vacation --- travel

Go ahead. Breath that fresh mountain air; Cook over an open campfire; Plan exhilarating day hike; Finally get that SUV dusty; Take a picnic lunch to the nearest meadow & fall all asleep under a big tree... with the sunshine dancing across your cheeks. Reconnect with nature and learn to enjoy the silence.

Baja hammock

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Excuses, excuses! Why do so many people constantly make lame excuses of why they can't do what they wanna do - travel?

I'd love to go, but...
This project is almost finished...
I really can't afford it...
Actually I got something going on in town this weekend...
And, my fave - I don't have anybody to go with.

Well, guess what? You'll always have something else to do "in town". Somewhere to go, someone to see & something to spend you money on. But if you don't 'schedule in time' for the outdoors, it ain't never gonna happen. You have to really want it. Need it & even make plans for it. Plus looking forward to a 'weekend away' is half the fun of doing it.

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Spending your weekends doing chores & running errands?

Is your weekly routine dull or are you stressed out! You feel the need to escape for a while & could use a mini-vacation but don't have the TIME?

time = money = time = money

Make the most out of you time.
Try these tips to help get the most out of you week, So you can enjoy you weekends.

  • Make List! Organizing your shopping & errands on paper can eliminate you driving in circles.
  • Do at least one chore/errand each weeknight after work instead of parking yourself in front of the boob tube!
  • Make lodging reservation phone calls on your lunch hour from work.
  • Look forward to your trip by packing clothes a few days early. Don't procrastinate.
  • Go over reservations, maps & destination activities the night before you hit the road.
  • Make a point to get away every month or so!

Try making escape-goals:

    • Get out of town once every 3 months
    • Try small 1-day ventures at least once per month
    • Be out on another adventure every time your
      car mileage hits another 3000 miles (an oil change, for your mind)

South Kern River
South Kern River @ Kennedy Meadows, CA

Hollister Hills
Hollister Hills SVRA

Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon National Park

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