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    Total Escape is the independent travel site for California, off the beaten path. A huge compilation of local resources and back road destinations - all geared around the local resident, the Californian. Celebrating 15 years online this Autumn, with tons of real photos, of real places, these topo maps and pages will help create your custom adventure vacation or weekend getaway.

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    seeking cool waters
    All this snow melt & place to put it. California has an extensive network of lakes & reservoirs to store water flowing from higher elevations. Fishermen dig these smaller unknown lakes, but kayakers are finding them too. Winds can pick up in the PM, so glassy still conditions are more likely found in morning hours. A few to scope out - Red & Coyote Lakes close to Shaver Lake, are 4x4 destinations on the Western Sierra slopes. Gold Lake region within Lake Basin should not be missed. Lassen NF. Twin Lakes & Convict, the loop at June Lake are Eastern Sierra. If you happen to be seeking secluded creekside camps, we have that too!
    campfire safety
    Here in California we have to be especially cautious with fire. From a small cigarette butt out the car window to an unattended campfire, nothing is too safe. Obtain a free fire permit if you plan to camp outside of developed campgrounds. Have water closeby, or bring enough water to extinguish your fire. At the ranger station, the NFS rangers will instruct you to have the bare basics: a shovel, a bucket, water. Winds can pick up at night and turn your campsite into a danger zone. Do not leave camp chairs near the fire ring, filled with embers, ready to ignite any acrylic item. Be ultra-safe with all fire in the wilderness.
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