Black Friday California

Black Friday… best weekend to travel Cali

The Town Square in NorCals Arcata
The Town Square in NorCal's Arcata

You’ve heard the saying for decades that the “busiest shopping day of the year, is the Friday after Thanksgiving”. This one particular day dubbed “Black Friday” (for all the media to expand upon). This is just another perfect day or weekend to travel in California. Run from the mall parking lot screaming “this is not real” – and head to the nearest trail head, river, or local winery. Imagine how uncrowded the rest of the state will be, away from the urban centers.

Black Friday in California

Black Friday sales California can be found at every mall in the urban areas and the big cities. Or you might try a different approach to holiday shopping madness and decide to take it easier this year. Visit unique, village shops in the small mountain towns – while vacationing too. Book a local lodge for a few nights and make a whole weekend outta it. These small mom and pop businesses really need your dollars more than ever and they will appreciate your patronage. Plus you might get a small hike or two in during a sunny day.

Black Friday Vacation

Escape the hustle and bustle of the maddening¬† holiday season and head for the hills. Seriously! If you are hard up for road trip ideas, than this site is the perfect spot for you. We only feature local road trips for California – and all outdoor recreation. No airfare, no rental cars, no worries… we have you covered. Hike the local mountains, bike the coastal trails, fish the biggest river, off-road the nearest OHV park, soak in a desert hot springs, or explore the giant redwood grove.

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Northern Gold Country Shopping
Northern Gold Country Shopping