Cleaning Up Litter

Litter ay Camp

Garbage on the Back Roads
Wilderness Ethics

Litter seems to be nearly everywhere. Although there are trash cans at most campgrounds & developed picnic areas, some lazy folks still seems oblivious to the fact that their ignorance is causing an eye sore for the rest of us. Does that bunny rabbit really need to look at your abandon water bottle in the bushes, for the next 7 years?


Remove Trash while Camping & Picnicking

  • Pack it In; Pack it Out, means if you bring it out there, please take it back home (or to a proper garbage disposal site).
  • Bring work gloves when camping; do messy job faster and have clean hands
  • Bring trash bags or cardboard boxes for storing trash for transport
  • Take out some litter; Leave the camp or picnic site cleaner than you found it
  • Use existing campsites & fire rings to prevent impacting new areas
  • Pitch tents in cleared camp spots only (when primitive camping)
  • Do not set a tent up in a meadow. It’s a fragile environment


tread lighty
leave no trace
and always leave the site nicer than you found it

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