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Searching for Parks & Recreation for a given California County? Total Escape features back roads destinations, all small towns & everything outdoors. From ghost towns to redwoods, hot springs to museums, recreational lakes to the best secluded beaches. We try to link to local web sites and gov agencies, when those link don’t break.

Seriously, so much time is wasted updating old links to .gov web site pages. Total Escape URLs have stayed the same since 1996. Some small towns barely have a web presence, much less a city web site. Some seasonal resort areas only have a Facebook page for online promotion. Often city web sites will change from a .us,.com to a .net

There are 58 counties inside the golden state California; more than your average state of the union, cuz the land mass is very large, and terrain diverse. City dwellers may be surprised at how many remote communities still exist. Smaller, rural towns are just aching for your tourists dollars, so go explore some place new. Modoc?

County Parks & Campgrounds. plus California Regional Parks can be found on the individual town listings for CA.

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