California Romantic Spots

San Diego BayCA Romance

Almost any place can be romantic with the right person to keep your company. Okay, maybe not a storage shed or fish hatchery, but use your imagination on this one. California has so many places to take in the beauty of nature, relax outdoors at a cafe, wine tasting at a vineyard, hiking to a waterfall, or a dinner on a historic train, a bon fire on the beach, visiting an aquarium, or an old gold mine. How about kayaking on the bay, soak in a nature hot springs, picnicking on the cliffs, off-roading in search of wildflower meadows, tubing in the river, sledding in the mountains, full moon walks in the country, stargazing for meteor showers in the desert, staying overnight at a Gold Country bed & breakfast, bike rentals in Yosemite, or a crystal cave tour in Sequoia National Park. Well, you get the idea. These little list could go on & on, but we will leave the ultimate decision up to you. And your honey will be so happy you took the time to create a special weekend – just for the two of you.

Below is a list of just a few romantic spots inside California. Please keep in mind that some of these locations are at high altitude, meaning they get plenty snow in winter months, so plan accordingly.