Winter Break Outside

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Why spend time with family indoors, when you can be outside enjoying the mighty fine scenery and breathing fresh air?

In California winter can be dry and windy – or it can be snowy and cold, depending on the weather pattern. Droughts general last a few years, and then comes the deluge of rain for a year or two. Record snowfall, most rainfall ever recorded, biggest storm of 100 years!

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If you plan to spend the holiday season traveling the golden state, always know before you go. Check the weather and road conditions; always plan for rain (anytime between OCT-APRIL) and have adequate jackets, footwear and tarps.

Planning for a coastal hike, with dinner plus an inn by the sea is quite different from a chains required, snow skiing weekend in the high altitudes. Below are just a small sampling of ideas for winter vacations – out of doors.

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Visiting National Parks, National Forests and mountain locations in California

(snow is common anywhere above 4000′ elevation, but possible down to 1000′ elevation)

At this time of year, expect park highways to be snowy or icy. When chains are required, all vehicles entering the parks must carry tire chains or cables, including 4WD and AWD vehicles.

During active winter storms tow trucks do not generally enter the park and towing bills can be very expensive. Vehicles that are incapacitated or stuck in the snow may not get out for a day or more.

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