Skies of California

wildfire dangers
Wildfire is a serious threat in California. Clear brush around all communities, remove dead trees and thin the forest to reduce fuel loads. Get busy or die.

Outdoor Recreation and the Sky

jumping out of an airplane?
Are you up for extreme adventure? The craziest day of your life, maybe? Or perhaps you are looking for that perfect meadow to watch the meteor shower from… Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Total Escape will get you out there.

Modoc sky above South Warner Wilderness

Fresh Mountain Air

Stargazing camp sites to mountain tram rides, we list a little of everything related to the skies, views and stars. Enjoy the sunsets, the dark night skies, the gorgeous viewpoints, and the weather.

tram rides palm springs
hot air baloon rides


Darkest Skies in California

Searching for clear night skies can be a problem with a huge population like California.

stargazing basics

step 1. drive outside the county line, beyond the city lights. no streets lights, no homes, no orange glow from a nearby town.

step2. pick the highest elevations for optimum nighttime viewing, fewest trees and open meadow areas.

step 3. camp away from developed campgrounds

step 4. be cautious about lighting a campfire and keep it low and small. (or do without a fire)

step 5. bring food and beverages, winter clothes, sleeping bags, camping gear


top spots of darkest night sky

Hang Gliding California

Sly Creek Reservoir
Sly Creek Reservoir, La Porte Road, North Sierra Nevada mountains
Baja California Mexico
Photo Credit 2005 – Steve Gardiner