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Big Basin Redwoods Campground

Big Basin State Park

Big Basin Redwoods Camping – Big Basin State Park

By far, one of the best Redwood State Parks near the San Francisco Bay Area. Very popular on weekends and all summer long. Reservations are recommended. Open all year!

State Park
These are the majestic Santa Cruz redwood forests, located behind Boulder Creek, California. Off of Hwy 9, this redwood park has awesome hiking, easy access & overnight accommodations to suit your style. Stay in a tent cabin, a developed campground or use the walk-in camp sites for a real natural setting.

Real Forest Camping
Real Forest Camping

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    Big Basin Redwood Campgrounds

    184 camp spots include:

    • 74  tent campsites
    • 38 walk-in sites
    • 41 tent cabins
    • 31 RV campsites (27′ max)

    Additionally there are 40 hike-in camp sites & 4 group camps, by reservation.

    RV camp
    tent cabins

    If you prefer not to camp out among the ferns & the forest, then the tent cabin may be the way to go, or there are several dozen inns nearby. Select the towns below for lodging options.

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park Campground

    nearby communities:

    Redwoods Camping

    4S12 – Inyo NF


    Rock Creek Road

    Rock Creek Lake, Eastern Sierra, California

    Inyo Forest Road #4S12
    also known as Inyo Road 12, and also Rock Creek Rd.

    Majestic mountain scenery. Popular paved route that leads from US 395 up to Rock Creek Lake, on the edge of granite wild lands; lake is situated above 9000′ elevation and the hiker trailheads are further up, beyond the lake at over 10,000 feet. Steep canyon, large canyon, rocky granite canyon, high elevation.

    Super scenic drive, but open less than half the year, due to deep snow. Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. Inyo National Forest

    North of Bishop, CA
    South of Mammoth, CA
    SW of US Highway 395

    hikes horse camp bike


    A popular and favorite place for summer camping, fishing and hiking. Backpacking, horse trails, high elevation lakes, mountain passes, peaks, wilderness areas. RV campgrounds, tent camping, car camping. Mountain biking in vast canyon, near campgrounds and creek. No bikes in the Wilderness (up and above Rock Creek)

    Autumn colors, aspen groves usually best in early October. Snow closure in winter months (Nov-May).


    elevation 7072′ @ Tom’s Place, CA (US Hwy 395)
    elevation 9682′ @ Rock Creek Lake
    elevation 10,272′ @ Trailhead Parking (end of road)

    One lane, paved route gets narrow, but keeps on climbing. Road #6S05 continues up – past Rock Creek Lake and ends at hiking trailheads, paved parking lot and a few picnic spots.

    iris meadow
    Iris Meadow Campground NFS

    12 NFS Campgrounds in this region, starting with one at the highway, several along the way and the campgrounds at Rock Creek Lake.

    No campfires are allowed in this canyon – outside of a developed campground. Not much in the way of primitive car camping options either, except for strapping on a backpack and heading into high elevation wilderness.


    Rock Creek Lake

    Rock Creek Campgrounds

    Inyo National Forest
    John Muir Wilderness

    Trailheads along Rock Creek Road #4S12

    • Upper Hilton Lakes
    • Tamarack
    • Lakes Valley (Little Lakes)
    • JMT – John Muir Trail

    Rock Creek NFS Hiking Trailheads (download PDF)

    Eastern Sierra Maps:
    Inyo National Forest Map USDA
    John Muir Wilderness Maps
    Mammoth Lakes Map by NatGeo
    Mono Divide High Country Map


    rock creek lake
    Rock Creek Lake, first snowfall (Autumn)

    looking for another place called ROCK CREEK in California? (we are working on that)