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California 4×4 Club

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California has no shortage of 4 wheel drive vehicles, but how many of them actually use them for what they were intended? If you’ve had your 4WD for a while and are itching to get to know the local trails, then grab yourself a few good OHV maps & head for the hills.
If you are a total novice and think you might want to get familiar with routes, what your vehicle can and cannot do, and learn the ropes from the pros, then you might want to discover the friendly folks in your local 4×4 club. Below we list as many legitimate groups we can find, with or without web sites. If your club is not listed, then please contact us & we might add it.
Anza Borrego Desert Washes

Off roaders (with running rigs) can enjoy pre-planned back road trips with various 4×4 Groups in California:

The very best place to start searching for 4WD routes inside California — is right here on Total Escape. After you’ve narrowed it down to a general location, then buying a decent topo map is a necessity. We have extensive sections devoted to California back roads, SUV interests, OHV Parks, off road tour guides, and of course, offroad trail maps.


Giant Sequoias
Hidden Sequoia Groves, Western Divide


4WD clubs
4×4 Camps @ Los Padres National Forest

DanaMite’s dirt roads list


Lake Davis

Baker Creek
Upper Baker Creek, Inyo NF – 4×4 Camp

Best 4×4 Vehicle

wheelin CALI

While each person has their own opinion about what brand of 4 wheel drive vehicle is the best, most will agree the brand they own is at ‘top of the list’, if not #1.

Jeepers have long understood the power of playing outside on dirt roads and their highly modified rigs have established a reputation for ‘the’ off-road machine. With dirt roads also called “Jeep Roads”, a zillion aftermarket parts available and annual events like Easter Jeep Safari, many would have you believe that the only off-road vehicle is the Jeep.

Truth be told! Nearly every make and model truck or SUV – can wheel in dirt and have fun exploring. Most capable vehicles are equipped w/ 4 wheel low range (a transfer case, maybe even a granny low) – but the 2WD high clearance SUVs and  all wheel drive (AWD) wagons are paving new ways for back road exploration too. Mild to wild, we list the rock crawling fools as well as the mellow Sunday scenic drivers. Car clubs that stick to only pavement can be found here.

And since we all know that our rigs are the very best, DanaMite has included all the possible car clubs, SUV makes, 4WD groups, forums and organizations in this list.

Wheelin near Big Bear Lake
Wheelin near Big Bear Lake

California Camping Club

California Camping Clubs

Below are a few camping organizations within California. Some of geared toward the young adults who like to rough it & others are specific to RV family camping style.

Outdoor Club

Circle City Campers

Escapees RV Club

Family Motor Coach Association

Loners on Wheels is a singles RV club

Mountain Lakers Club

Pioneer Camping Club

RVing Women

Off road enthusiasts can enjoy one of many day runs or overnight camping trips with various 4×4 Groups in California: