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Gold Country RV


49er RV Ranch
Columbia State Historic Park
Columbia CA
209 532-4978

Angels Camp RV & Camping Resort
3069 Highway 49 South
Angels Camp, CA 95222

American River Resort
6019 New River Rd
Coloma, CA 95613
530 622-6700wildflower

Coloma Resort & RV Park
American River
6921 Mt. Murphy Road
Coloma, CA
800 238-2298
530 621-2267

Colusa Sacramento River SRA
Farming Town w/ Fishing
N of Sacramento, CA

Far Horizons 49er Village RV Resort
Plymouth, CA

Glory Hole Campground
Glory Hole Recreation Area

Gold Country
New Melones Lake, CAcanoe

Golden Pines RV Resort & Campground
Camp Connell, CA
209 795-2820

Harmony Ridge Resort
10492 Harmony Ridge Rd
Nevada City, CA
800 273-0556
530 265-9313

High Sierra RV Park & Campground
40389 Hwy 41
Oakhurst CA
559 683-7662

Columbia State Historic Park
11255 Jackson Street
Columbia CA

Lake Francis Resort
Northern Gold Country
Dobbins, CA
888 993-7344
530 692-1700

Rollins Lake / Rollins Reservoir –boatramp

Long Ravine Resort
Rollins Lake Campground

530 346-6166

Orchard Springs Campground
530 346-0073

Peninsula Camping & Boating Resort
530 477-9413

melones flora
New Melones Reservoir, Angles Camp, CA

Lake Tulloch RV Campground & Marina
Lake Tulloch
Jamestown, CA
800 894-2267

Plasse’s RV Resort
30001 Plasse Rd.
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
209 258-8814

Scotts Flat Lake Camping
530 265-530

Tuttletown Campground
Tuttletown Recreation Area

Gold Country
New Melones Lake, CA

Willow Creek RV Campground
North Gold Country
17548 Hwy 49
Camptonville, CA 95922
530 288-0646

Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Campground
20450 Old Highway 120
Groveland, CA 95321

Colfax Train Depot

Shasta RV Park

RV Parks Redding / Lake Shasta RV Parks

Mt Shasta RV Parks / Shasta RV Camping

Sacramento River Camping

Abrams Lake RV Park
2601 N. Old Stage Rd
Mount Shasta CA
530 926-2312

Antler’s RV Park & Campground
Lake Shasta
1145 Hartnell Ave
Redding, CA 96002
800 337-2767
916 222-5586

Bear Mountain RV Resort
14216 Bear Mountain Rd
Redding CA
530 275-4728

Best in the West Resort
26987 Sims Rd
Castella CA
530 235-2603
I-5 frwy close, near Castle Crags SP

Cave Springs Resort & RV Park
4727 Dunsmuir Ave
Dunsmuir CA
530 235-272

Chateau Shasta RV Park
704 S. Old Stage Rd
Mount Shasta CA
530 926-3279

Fawndale Oaks RV Park
15015 Fawndale Rd
Redding CA
530 275-0764

Friendly RV Park
1800 Black Butte Dr
Weed CA
800 830-0847
530 938-2805

Hi Lo Motel, Cafe & RV Park
88 S. Weed Blvd
Weed CA
530 938-2731

Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort & RV Park
4239 W. A. Barr Rd
Mount Shasta CA
530 926-2618

Marina RV Park
2615 Park Marina Dr
Redding CA
530 241-4396

McCloud RV Park
480 Hwy. 89
McCloud CA
530 964-2252

Mountain Gate RV Park
14161 Holiday Rd
Redding CA
530 275-4600

Railroad Park Resort & RV Park
100 Railroad Park Rd
Dunsmuir CA
530 235-0420
530 235-4440

Redding RV Park
11075 Campers Court
Redding CA
530 241-0707

Sacramento River Park & RV
6596 Riverland Dr
Redding CA
530 365-6402

Stewart Mineral Springs Resort
4617 Stewart Springs Rd
Weed, CA 96094
530 938-2222

Trailer Lane RV Park
27535 Edgwood Rd
Weed CA
530 938-4554

Wonderland RV Park
15203 Wonderland Blvd
Redding CA
530 275-1281

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Sacramento River Camping

The Sacramento River of Northern California

The main artery from the North; the Big River of California

Sac River California

Mighty Mount Shasta snowmelt flows south, bound to meet the giant Lake Shasta, which merges with the Pit River and numerous other major waterways, becoming the big Sacramento River. Running right down the center of the North Sacramento Valley to merge into the California Delta. Shipping channel links the State Capital city of Sacramento with the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Agriculture and wildlife depend on this river heavily.

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Redding Winters


Riverland Drive
South Redding, CA

Sacramento River RV Park
Riverland Drive
South Redding, CA

Wildlife Refuge
Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge
Willows, CA
~ Camping is not permitted on the Sacramento NWR. Along the Sacramento River, camping is permitted on GRAVEL BARS for up to 7 days during a 30 day period. For waterfowl hunting, overnight stay is permitted in a vehicle or RV in designated areas. Tents are prohibited. No person may build or maintain fires except in portable gas stoves.


Chico Area

Lake Red Bluff Recreation Area
Red Bluff, CA

Driftwood RV & Fishing Resort
@ Mill Creek Park
Los Molinos, CA

Hidden Harbor Marina & RV Park
Los Molinos, CA

River’s Rest Resort
Los Molinos, CA

Woodson Bridge RV Park
Corning, CA

State Parks
Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area
Historic State Park w/ Campground
South Avenue (A9)
Corning, CA

Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park
Chico, CA

Colusa Landing & RV
Butte Slough Road
Colusa, CA

State Parks
Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area
Colusa SRA Camping

Camping Colusa
Tent Camping Colusa SRA

California Delta Region

State Parks
Brannan Island State Park
Rio Vista, CA

Sandy Beach Solano County Park
2333 Beach Drive
Rio Vista, CA

Vieira’s Resort
California Delta
Isleton, CA

State Parks
Old Sacramento State Historic Park
Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Hostel, see more budget lodging

Borrego Camping

Anza Borrego Park / Anza Borrego Campgrounds


California Highway 78 cuts across Southern California and right thru the middle of the largest State Park in the lower 48. Anza Borrego Desert State Park is a place that must be visited more than once to really take in all the beauty it has to offer. Free camping in Southern California is abundant here, if you are willing to follow the primitive camp fire rules of the park and you are comfortable camping away from developed campgrounds.

North-South: San Diego County Road S2 skirts the western border with Laguna Mountain towering above. It starts at Ocotillo @ Interstate 8 and heads Northwest to Lake Henshaw at Warner Springs.

East-West: a major route S22, connects Ranchita /Montezuma Valley to the Borrego Valley, and continues East to the Salton Seawhataview. The center of the parks is pretty much the town of Borrego Springs, where the State Parks visitors center is located. San Diego County Road S3 leads from Hwy 78 down the the town of Borrego Springs Valley.

developed campgrounds:

free camping: While the camping facilities listed above provide picnic tables and toilets, or more luxury camping… Total Escape thinks the best part of camping in Anza Borrego Desert is the vast amount of free, open camping available on most back roads. Hundreds of dirt roads lead off in all directions, so you can find the peace and solitude that few inside busy campgrounds ever experience.

  • Anza Borrego Desert Map
  • San Diego Backcountry Map
  • Many Anza desert routes are sandy washes, dirt roads, some for high clearance vehicles only, or 4WD in several canyons. Often there is no signs telling you need 4×4 to proceed. May only find out when its too late and you’re stuck.

    Have a good dirt road map with you and know your vehicles limitations. Passenger cars should be very cautious off road. Cell phone coverage is spotty out here in the most remote wilderness areas. oystercamp

    Lake Mohave

    viewpoint mohave

    Lake Mohave NRA

    Lake Mohave National Recreation Area

    Mojave Reservoir @ Colorado River: AZ / NV / CA
    @ the V, bottom of Nevada state = Arizona – Nevada – California, all merge together

    National Park Service

    The Colorado River travels through the southwest desert, splitting the Grand Canyon and further south, separating California from Arizona at the southern tip of Nevada. Agriculture lines the big river down to Baja, Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

    Up near Las Vegas and down to Searchlight, NV

    Above Hoover Dam is Lake Mead, sediment from Utah National Parks. Red dirt and silt shorelines. South of Hoover dam is a super deep rock gorge w/ hike-in hot springs. Beyond that, this beauty called Lake Mohave – with the super clear water, secluded coves and abundant fishingfish

    Lake Mohave: elevation 647′

    Desert peaks in this region are around 2000-3000′ elevation. Mohave Lake is actually a wide section of the Colorado River, spanning the region from massive Black Canyon south to busy Laughlin w/ river casinos. This lake is long and skinny in spots with lots of shoreline cliffs, canyons and coves. Minimal vegetation, so please bring your own firewood and don’t chop down the few trees trying to survive. Summer temps exceed 100 degrees, so plan your visit for the winter time.

    boatrampLake Mohave Ranger Stations
    Cottonwood Cove
    Katherine Landing

    boating, camping, fishing, hiking, hot springs, kayaking, off-road, picnics, viewpoints

    camping areas below listed from north to south

    Willow Beach RV Park & Campground
    Arizona side, off Hwy 93

    car camp mohave


    El Dorado Canyon Road, main paved route can be accessed near California’s state border. North of Searchlight, Nevada – off main highway 95, on side route 165 to Nelson, NV

    Secluded dirt roads up and down canyons near El Dorado Canyon Rd. Minimal vegetation, maximum open scenery and dark skies. Kayak rentals @ El Dorado Canyon.

    desert badlands erosion

    deep washes
    Ireteba Peaks Wilderness

    4×4 camping routes: 15 day camping limit

    Find your own route with many to choose from, drive the soft sandy washes (with a few boulders to dodge) and camp for free, right at the waters edge. Adventurers: Only for the self-contained campers. Some routes marked 4WD only, so pay attention to signs. AWD (all wheel drive) vehicles should fare well on the sandy roads; but standard passenger cars and vans will need to keep their speed up in the soft sand areas.

    No garbage collection. Pack it in, pack it out.
    No facilities, no fees. No buildings. No campfire rings, no picnic tables, very few vault toilets. Bring your shovel!

    Driving off the roads is strictly prohibited. Primitive camp sites can be found both at numerous coves and also inland inside the canyons. The ridges get windy in the deserts, but are favorable for night sky views and self contained camper vans.

    Always know the weather forecast, cuz flash floods are possible and these dirt roads will be impassible during big rain. This is the main drainage to the big river!

    Dogs Allowed


    Most desert washes here are signed routes 4×4, but mini vans, AWD sport-wagons, trucks, SUVs, small RVs can all be found camping near Lake Mohave. That is – if you know how to ‘drive off road’, which is not fast, but not too slow either.

    Avoid getting stuck in the deep sand: keep speed up, do not turn sharply and do not brake hard. Carry tow strap in case you need an emergency pull. Be nice to strangers and you may find help.

    Campfires are allowed, but you need to bring firewood. Dogs are allowed. Party animals tend to trash these desert coves, so be warned that there is a fair amount of litter. Bring a black trash bag and take some out! This trash problem could get the area closed off to vehicles so keep that in mind.

    The canyons here have giant power lines that cross @ Aztec Wash; they can easily be avoided.

    montana wash

    primitive camping 4x4 camping boat camping

    4×4 recommended @ MOHAVE:

    Eagle Wash Road #46 – popular spot
    Montana Wash #45 – camping ok
    Placer Wash #47 – no camping

    The rangers don’t wanna be pulling your ass out of the sand, which is why they post the 4×4 signs. Don’t expect to find help without walking a few miles first, or waiting several hours.


    desert wilderness

    Several wilderness areas are located along the west side of this lake & river. Often dirt roads will parallel a portion of the wilderness boundary, providing excellent access to secluded coves and beaches. Emergency CALL boxes are placed in remote parts of these shores.

    • Ireteba Peaks Wilderness (northwest, next to El Dorado Canyon)
    • Nellis Wash Wilderness (western side)
    • Spirit Mountain Wilderness (southwest)
    • Bridge Canyon Wilderness (southwest, near Laughlin)


    RV camp campground marina

    developed campground, boat launch, marina, lodging, hiking, picnic areas

    Cottonwood Cove Resort
    near Searchlight, NV

    primitive camping boat camping RV camp campground marina

    Nevada, California and Arizona states join down in this part of the world. Katherine Landing, full service marina, slip rentals, lodging, city services and casinos.

    Lake Mohave Resort

    katherine landing camping
    Katherine Landing offers back roads camping, via rough dirt roads.
    Laughlin Marina
    Laughlin Marina @ Katherine

    Lake Mohave NRA
    NPS Headquartersnevada_atlas
    601 Nevada Way
    Boulder City, NV 89005
    Visitor Center open daily

    maps of the region:


    Mojave Desert – This river-created lake is located on the Colorado River, in between Las Vegas, Nevada and Needles, California. The river water here is crystal clear, very swimmable and the fishing is decent.  No paved boat rampsclearest water

    nearby towns: (with elevation)

    Avi Casino
    Bullhead City, AZ (540′)
    Laughlin, NV (535′)
    Kingman, AZ (3340′)
    Needles, CA
    Nelson, NV (2954′)
    Nipton, CA (3042′)
    Oatman, AZ
    Searchlight, NV (3470′)

    San Francisco RV Park

    RV Campground San Francisco / RV Camp Ground

    San Francisco RVing

    Beach RV Park
    2505 Portola Dr
    Santa Cruz, CA
    831 462-2505

    Betabel RV Park
    9664 Betabel Rd
    San Juan Bautista, CA
    831 623-2202

    Candlestick RV Park
    650 Gilman Ave
    San Francisco, CA
    800 888-2267
    415 822-2299

    Costanoa Coastal Lodge & Camp
    2001 Rossi Road @ Hwy 1
    Pescadero, CA
    650 879-1100

    Coyote Valley RV & Golf Resort
    9750 Monterey Rd
    Morgan Hill, CA
    866 376-5500
    408 463-8400
    San Jose, CA

    Marin Park
    2140 Redwood Hwy.
    Greenbrae , CA
    888 461-5199

    Novato RV Park
    1530 Armstrong Ave
    Novato, CA
    800 733-6787
    415 897-1271

    Olema Ranch Campground
    Point Reyes National Seashore
    10155 Highway 1
    Olema, CA
    800 655-2267
    415 663-8001

    Parkway Lakes RV Park
    100 Ogier Ave
    Morgan Hill, CA
    408 779-0244

    Pinto Lake Park
    451 Green Valley Rd
    Watsonville, CA
    831 722-8129

    San Francisco RV Resort
    700 Palmetto Ave
    Pacifica, CA
    182 sites

    Santa Cruz Ranch RV Park
    917 Disc Dr
    Scotts Valley, CA 95066
    Full hook up, pull-thru sites

    Saratoga Springs Park
    22801 Big Basin Way
    Saratoga, CA
    408 867-3016 x824

    Trailer Tel RV Park
    1212 Oakland Rd
    San Jose, CA
    408 453-3535

    Treasure Island RV Park
    1700 El Camino Real
    South San Francisco CA
    650 994-3266

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    RV Parks Northern California

    Northern California RV Camping / Lassen RV Park

    Big Springs Resort
    2655 Big Springs Road
    Lake Almanor, CA
    530 596-3390

    Eagle’s Nest RV Park
    Lava Beds National Monument
    off Highway 139
    Tionesta, CA
    530 664-2081

    Hat Creek Resort
    12533 Hwy 44
    Old Station, CA
    800 568-0109

    Hat Creek Hereford Ranch RV Park
    41397 Opdyke Lane
    Hat Creek, CA
    530 335-717

    Lassen Pines RV Resort
    548-335 Old Hwy 407
    McArthur, CA
    530 336-5657

    Likely Place RV & Golf Resort
    Modoc County Road 64
    Likely, CA
    888 350-3848
    530 233-4466

    North Shore Campground
    Lake Almanor
    Chester, CA
    530 258-3376

    Rancheria RV Park
    15565 Black Angus Lane
    Hat Creek, CA
    530 335-7418

    Red Bluff RV Park
    80 Chestnut Ave
    Red Bluff, CA
    530 529-2929

    Stateline RV Park
    30138 Lower Klamath Lake Rd
    Tulelake CA
    530 667-4849

    California Willits Sleepy Hollow RV Park

    Sleepy Hollow RV Park
    Willits CA
    707 459-0613

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    North California Coast RV

    N California Campgrounds / Mendocino RV Parks

    Northern California Coast / RV Parks NorCal

    North Coast California

    Anchor Bay RV Park
    Gualala CA
    707 884-4222

    Camper Corral RV
    Klamath CA
    800 701-7275
    707 482-5741

    Campers Inn RV & Golf Resort
    2501 County Road 88
    Dunnigan CA
    530 724-3350

    Chinook RV Resort
    Klamath, CA
    707 482-3511

    Creekside Inn & Resort
    Russian River
    16180 Neeley Rd
    Guerneville CA
    707 869-3623
    800 776-6586

    Crestview Campground
    3415 Patricks Point Dr
    Trinidad CA
    707 677-3393

    Dean Creek Resort
    4112 Redwood Dr
    Redway CA
    877 923-2555

    Dolphin Isle Marina & RV
    32399 Basin St
    Fort Bragg, CA
    866 964-4113
    707 964-4113

    Hilton Park Campground
    Russian River
    10750 River Road
    Forestville, CA 95436
    707 887-9206

    Klamath River RV Park
    700 W Klamath Beach Rd
    Klamath CA
    707 482-2091

    Kamp Klamath RV Park & Campground
    1661 West Klamath Beach Rd
    Klamath, CA
    707 482-0227
    866 552-6284

    Mystic Forest RV Park
    Klamath CA
    707 482-4801

    Pomo RV Park & Campground
    17999 Tregoning Lane
    Fort Bragg, CA
    707 964-3373

    Redcrest Resort
    26459 Avenue of the Giants
    Redcrest, CA
    707 722-4208

    Redwoods RV Resort
    6701 N. Highway 101
    Crescent City, CA
    877 888-7404
    707 487-7404

    Redwoods River Resort
    75000 Highway 101
    Leggett, CA
    707 925-6249

    Richardson Grove State Park
    Campground & RV Park

    750 US Highway 101
    Garberville, CA
    707 247-3380

    Sleepy Hollow RV Park
    Willits CA
    707 459-0613

    Sleepy Hollow RV Park
    Willits CA
    707 459-0613

    Salmon Harbor RV Resort
    200 Salmon Harbor Rd
    Smith River, CA
    800 332-6139
    707 487-3341

    Steelhead Lodge & RV
    Klamath CA
    707 482-8145

    Sweet Reunion Inn
    Russian River
    16124 Drake Rd
    Guerneville CA
    800 310-0804
    800 997-3312

    The Pines RV Park
    Klamath CA
    530 627-3425

    LA RV Parks

    Los Angeles RV Parks / Parks Los Angeles

    RV Park Los Angeles / RV Parks in LA

    Long BEach Camping
    Birmingham RV Park
    Van Nuys, CA

    Camp Williams Resort & Campground
    24210 East Fork Rd
    Azusa, CA
    626 910-1126

    East Shore RV Park
    San Dimas, CA

    Golden Shore RV Resort
    Long Beach, CA

    Malibu Beach RV Park
    Malibu, CA

    Mountain View RV Park
    714 W Harvard Blvd
    Santa Paula, CA
    805 933-1942

    Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort
    36-100 Date Palm Dr.
    Cathedral City, CA 92234
    140 full hook-ups

    Soledad Canyon RV Resort

    4700 Crown Valley Rd
    Acton, CA
    59 trailers, 8 cabins

    Soledad Canyon RV Resort
    LA RV CAmpground

    Walnut RV Park
    Northridge, CA

    RV in Southern California

    RV Parks Temecula / Lake Hemet RV

    Southern California RV Parks / RV Camping

    socal RV Campground

    Casa Del Sol RV Resort
    2750 W Acacia Ave
    Hemet CA
    909 925-2515

    Cowboy Country RV
    Anza, CA
    951 763-1070

    Idyllwild RV Resort

    24400 Canyon Dr
    Pine Cove, CA
    4 trailers, 11 cabins

    Idyllwild RV Resort
    Idyllwild RV Camping

    Lake Hemet Campground
    56570 Highway 74
    Mountain Center, CA
    951 659-2680

    Mountain Valley RV Resort
    235 S Lyon Ave
    Hemet, CA

    Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort
    36-100 Date Palm Dr.
    Cathedral City, CA 92234
    140 full hook-ups

    Palm Springs RV Resort

    77500 Varner Road
    Palm Desert, CA

    24 trailers, 2 cottages
    2 park models, 1 cabin

    Palm Springs RV Resort
    Palm Springs RV Campground
    Pio Pico RV Resort
    14615 Otay Lakes Rd
    Jamul, CA
    23 trailers, 6 cabins
    horse corrals
    Pio Pico RV Resort

    Reflection Lake RV Park & Campground
    3440 Cottonwood Ave
    San Jacinto, CA
    951 654-7906

    Soledad Canyon RV Resort

    4700 Crown Valley Rd
    Acton, CA
    59 trailers, 8 cabins

    Soledad Canyon RV Resort
    LA RV CAmpground

    Tucalota Springs RV Park
    41601 E Benton Rd
    Sage, CA
    951 767-0604

    Vail Lake Village & RV Resort
    38000 Highway 79 South
    Temecula, CA
    866 824-5525
    951 303-0173

    Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

    30605 Briggs Rd
    Menifee, CA
    10 trailers, 8 slide-outs
    4 garden homes
    4 park models, 8 cabins
    for the handicapped

    Wilderness Lakes RV Resort
    SoCal RV Camping

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    California Coast RV Parks

    California Central Coast RV / RV Campgrounds

    Central Coast RV Parks / RV Camping Central Coast

    Pismo California

    Avila Valley Hot Springs Spa & RV Park
    Avila Beach, CA
    805 595-2359

    Betabel RV Park
    9664 Betabel Rd
    San Juan Bautista, CA
    831 623-2202

    Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground
    180 Avenue of the Flags
    Buellton, CA
    877 783-5247
    805 688-3716

    Highway Trailer & RV Park
    1022 N. Broadway
    Santa Maria CA
    805 925-9230

    Holiday RV Park
    100 S. Dolliver
    Pismo Beach CA
    805 773-1121

    Jalama Beach Park
    Lompoc CA
    805 736-3504

    Le Sage Riviera RV Park
    319 N Highway 1
    Grover Beach, CA
    805 489-5506

    Morro Strand RV Park
    800 799-6030
    805 772-8232

    Pacific Dunes RV Resort
    1205 Silver Spur Place
    Oceano, CA 93445
    50 amp, back-in, water, electric & sewer hookups

    Pines Campground
    2210 Preisker Lane
    Santa Maria CA
    805 928-9534

    Pismo Coast Village
    165 S. Dolliver
    Pismo Beach CA
    805 773-1811

    Pismo Dunes Travel Park
    200 S. Dolliver
    Pismo Beach CA
    805 773-4807

    Pismo Sands RV Camp
    2220 Hwy 1
    Oceano CA
    805 481-3225

    San Francisco RV Resort
    700 Palmetto Ave
    Pacifica, CA
    182 sites

    Santa Cruz Ranch RV Park
    917 Disc Dr
    Scotts Valley, CA 95066
    Full hook up, pull-thru sites

    Santa Maria RV Park
    1335 N. Broadway
    805 922-4489

    Silver Spur RV Park & Stables
    RV Park & horseback riding
    1207 Silver Spur Place
    Oceano CA
    888 908-7787
    805 489-7787

    La Paz RV Parks

    Baja La Paz Camping & RV Parks

    La Paz restaurants

    The lower half. The beaches, the ranches, the cacti, the fishing, authetico, and we cannot forget the resorts. The capital of Baja Sur Mexico is La Paz, the major city of the southern region. Only an hours drive from the resort mecca Cabo Coastline or village of Todos Santos, the urban center has an airport, downtown, shopping, restaurants, auto repair services and a developed sea side port. Out near the Sea of Cortez you can find small inlets and bays with kayaking, snorkeling and primitive camping on white sandy beaches.

    Aquamarine RV Park
    La Paz, BC Mexico

    Los Aripez RV Park
    La Paz, BC Mexico

    Casa Blanca RV Park
    La Paz, BC Mexico

    El Cardon Trailer Park
    La Paz, BC Mexico

    La Paz RV Park
    Brecha California No. 120
    La Paz, BC Mexico

    RV and California

    San Francisco RV

    Rodents have taken away my motorhome. It has been in storage for 3 years without use. Argghh!

    Do you need to get away from city life more often? Make use of that beast. Or sell it to some deserving soul – who will use it.

    If you are itching to get outta town and head for the high country with your fifth wheel or camper van or diesel pusher, this web site will indeed inspire you to travel more of California’s back roads. Motorhomes over 40 feet long should take note of California Highways limitations – see more on Cal Trans California

    California Escapes
    Marcelo’s rig in 1995? – for traveling the west promoting

    Top RV camping pages for Cali

  • California A to Z
  • RV California
  • Gold Country RV
  • Sierra RV Parks
  • Eastern Sierra RV Park
  • High Sierra RV Park
  • Baja California RV Campgrounds
  • Picacho Park River Camping

    Todos Santos RV Parks

    Todos Santos Baja RV Parks

    Playa Baja - Todos Santos Beaches
    Playa Baja - Todos Santos Beaches

    Baja Todos Santos / Baja Sur Surf /  Playa Baja / Todos Santos Baja Sur

    Baja Serena RV Park
    Km 62 on Highway 19
    Pescadero, BC

    Candylandia RV Park
    Pescadero, BC

    El Litro RV Park
    Todos Santos, BC

    Pescadero Surf Camp
    Pescadero Beach
    Pescadero, BC

    San Pedrito RV
    Domicilio Conocido
    Pescadero, BC

    Villas del Tropico Camping
    Todos Santos, BC

    RV Park Klamath

    Klamath Camping / Klamath Fishing / Klamath River

    Camper Corral RV
    Klamath CA
    800 701-7275
    707 482-574

    Chinook RV Resort
    Klamath, CA
    707 482-3511

    Elk Creek Campground & RV Park

    921 Elk Creek Rd
    Happy Camp CA

    Kamp Klamath RV Park & Campground
    1661 West Klamath Beach Rd
    Klamath, CA
    707 482-0227
    866 552-6284

    Klamath Ranch Resort
    6930 Copco Rd
    Hornbrook CA

    Klamath River RV Park
    700 W Klamath Beach Rd
    Klamath CA
    707 482-2091

    Mystic Forest RV Park
    Klamath CA
    707 482-4801

    Steelhead Lodge & RV
    Klamath CA
    707 482-814

    The Pines RV Park
    Klamath CA
    530 627-3425

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    Happy Camp

    Baja RV Parks

    Baja California RV Parks

    RV Camping Baja / RV Park Baja

    baja camping RV

    RV Camping in Baja California Mexico can be quite a challenge, especially if you do not know where you are going. Best bet is to get a good road map, and choose your destination wisely. Travel times are much longer in route in Baja than on modern US freeways, so plan accordingly. Below are some popular Baja destinations for camping, outdoor recreation, sightseeing cities, beaches & villages.

    San Felipe RV Parks

    Baja San Felipe RV Parks

    Baja San Felipe

    El Dorado Ranch
    San Felipe BC
    800 404-2599

    Las Canadas Resort
    San Felipe BC

    Marina Resort and RV Park
    Carretera Aeropuerto
    San Felipe BC

    Pete’s Camp
    San Felipe BC
    909 694-6704 US

    RV Park Rosarito

    Baja Rosarito / RV Park Rosarito

    Baja del Sol Hotel
    Free Road, Km. 26.8
    Rosarito, BC

    Oasis Resort & RV
    N Rosarito, BC

    Popotla Trailer Park
    KM. 34, S Rosarito, BC

    Loreto RV Parks

    Baja Loreto Camping RV Parks

    El Moro RV Park
    Loreto, BC Mexico

    Loreto Shores Villas & RV Park
    Loreto, BC Mexico

    Villas de Loreto
    kayak and bike rentals
    Loreto, BC Mexico